You know what’s unfair?

5 02 2014

When you spend the time reading over other classmates’ work, write down meaningful feedback, send it to them — only to not get feedback from them when it’s your turn for workshop. What the hell. I will try to contain myself tomorrow for class, but I make no promises that I won’t end up accidentally stabbing someone in the throat with a pen. Just saying.

Oh, and also homophobia isn’t fair too. Yeah, that sucks.

Let Go revisions/re-writes

7 04 2013

Since people seem to like when I post my drafts of poems and songs, I thought I’d post a few pictures of the re-write/revision process. These last re-writes have been really difficult especially to incorporate all my classmates’ feedback. As I learned, it’s one thing to know what you need to work on. It’s another to actually try and fix it.

With this song, the revisions were really difficult to do. I knew what I wanted to convey, but I got so caught up in images and showing rather than telling that it locked me out of writing anything for a long time. Eventually, I finished it, but there are still lines in the revision that I don’t like very much, and in some ways, I almost prefer the previous draft because I feel it flowed better.

Anyway, I wrote down everyone’s feedback onto one sheet and looked through them all that way, which seems to work for my revision process. Here are all my messy notes, scribbles, and questions for a song called “Let Go”. Front and back pages.

Let Go revisions

Let Go revisions2