Existere 33.2 has arrived!

18 06 2014

From my blog over at theaaronchan.com:

I called it, didn’t I? It’s always nice to receive things in the mail — and even better when they’re big packages just for you! (pun intended) And as predicted, I did indeed squeal and frolic with my two copies of Existere when I got them yesterday.  I have no idea about other writers and authors, but always makes me pretty excited to see my name in print. It’s a sense of accomplishment.

So here are some (vain) pictures. I probably should’ve posed with them or something, to make them even more vain, but I’m not that vain. Yet. Had to crop out the start of my piece, but I kept the opening line as a tease. :)

Existere is out in stores now! Pick up a copy and read about dead gay people! (among other things)



Isn’t it great to get mail?

17 06 2014

Real mail, not email, or Facebook messages (for those who have Facebook). Received my two copies of Existere journal today in the mail and proceeded (as expected) to shout in glee when I saw my name and piece, “Between Channels” inside. I feel like such a novice writer to get excited seeing my work in lit mags (do other writers do this too? I imagine them playing it cool, tossing aside their copies without so much as a glance as they sit back down at their Macs and continue writing), but I can’t help it.


I get shit done.

8 02 2014

Spent the day polishing up a TV episode for an original series I worked on with my classmates.

Read up on a couple articles for my Environmental Design class.

Watched Inside Llewyn Davis (fantastic film. One of my favourites from 2013, for sure).

Got super news today that a memoir piece I submitted to Existere has been accepted for publication. Hell yes! Proceeded to stomp around in pure glee in my kitchen upon reading the email.

Spent the rest of the evening looking up film festivals where I could submit my short film, June, and submitted to a whole bunch.

Sometimes, I think my personal motto should be I’m gay, and I get shit done.