Do talk to strangers

16 03 2014

But how?

I was at a networking/gala event last night, where some industry people — agents, publishers, media contacts — were all gathered. But I, along with the other inferior students of the Creative Writing program, didn’t know how to breach the barrier to go talk to them all. We had no idea who the hell they all were. So most of us sat around and talked amongst ourselves the whole night. I talked to one guy who I recognized from a workshop last year, but when I told him I was a student in the undergrad program, he didn’t seem interested in talking to me anymore. Then again, that could have been just imagination. Either way, he left the conversation and I was back to the comfort of my classmates, who were trying to work themselves up to talk to John K. Samson. Clearly, this was not an event for students, although ideally, it should have been.

Many writers do not have social skills. Young writers especially do not have the social skills to approach a stranger who could potentially be a published author and strike up a conversation. On the other hand, adults who seemingly know each other, didn’t have a problem with it.

My partner-in-crime for the night, Wendy, helped to stagnate our process by talking about who we going to talk to and trying to figure out strategies instead of actually doing it. It probably didn’t help that most everyone was already talking to others, so it would’ve been incredibly dickish to interrupt and join them (at least in my mind, where I really dislike when people do that as I’m talking to someone). So it’s no wonder the lot of us were spread out on the beanbag chairs, looking around at all the published authors, the agents, the publishers — and being unable to pass through that door.

How is one supposed to do it? Get the stragglers? Insert yourself in a group?

Y4Y Reading and Fundraiser

17 02 2013

Time for some shameless self-promotion!

I’ve been organizing a reading/fundraiser for Covenant House for the past month, and we have a date!  The Y4Y: Youth For Youth Reading and Fundraiser will be happening on Saturday March 2nd at the Rhizome Cafe (317 East Broadway) in Vancouver.  The night starts at 7:00pm and I’ve planned for it to end at around 9:00 but the folks at the Rhizome have let me know that there’s no rush to wrap up the night, and most likely, we’ll have some time after the reading to chat and have some fun.

There will also be a book raffle during intermission, with the books written and donated by the Creative Writing faculty, and the proceeds thanking Rhizome for letting us use their lovely place.  I have the books with me right now and let me tell you, I want to keep them.  I’d come to the event just for the raffle!

The kitchen will also be open before, during, and after the event, so come and enjoy some delicious food and drinks while you hear the Undergrads from the Creative Writing program read their stuff!

Hope to see you all there!


Facebook event page:

I want to be so much

26 08 2011

but there’s such little time.  Or perhaps it’s the feeling of wanting to do so much — excitement — that paradoxically creates a feeling of helplessness, of not knowing where to start.


But I’m better than that.

First things first: need more frozen yogurt.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 29: A song from your childhood

8 05 2011

Does every elementary school have a Sports Day?  Every year, I was on the Green Team at Maple Grove Elementary and every year, for many, many years, the Gold Team would always win the Sports Day.  Somehow, they were able to get a lot more points than any of the other teams, not to mention the fact that they were gold, while the other colors were regular Red, Green, and I think, Blue.  If there was favouritism, it was obvious who it was for.

Anyway, I distinctly remember hearing “Octopus’ Garden” at one of the challenges one year (as does my sister).  I can’t remember what the actual challenge was, but because most of the Sports Day events took place outside, everyone would/could hear it, especially if it was playing on a loop.  At the time, of course I didn’t know who sang the song or what it was even called and it was only until my older sister was playing the Beatles that my sister and I, almost at the same time, suddenly recalled Sports Day and demanded to know what the song was.

One year, I guess the teachers thought a different team than the Gold team should win for once — since the winners who received points at the events were judged by teachers, for the most part, and hence, they could rig the entire Sports Day — and I remember one year, the Red Team won, and the next year, the Green Team finally won too!