“Gymnopedie No. 3” — Erik Satie

9 01 2012

A piece that will likely be in my short film I’m shooting on Saturday.  It’s so simple and mournful that I couldn’t imagine anything suiting the scene better than this.  I know I’m being vague because I’m not explaining the scene, but if you really do want to know, click on this to find out more details: http://www.indiegogo.com/June-a-silent-ghost-short-film

Gymnopedie No. 1 — Erik Satie

11 09 2010

Gymnopedie: ceremonial choral dances perfomred at ancient Greek festivals. (from the Three Gymnopedies for the piano book, published by Schirmer, Inc.)  Composed by Erik Satie, the first gymnopedie has the instructions, lent et douloureux — slowly and mournfully.  And as I’m still sad from the loss of my friend as well as the anniversary of 9/11, I thought this might be appropriate.

Just listen and relax…