The Wannabe-Filmmaker’s Guide to Making a Short Film — 7 days to go

13 07 2012

This has taken forever.

Obviously not forever, but months — half a year, to be precise — certainly seems forever.  I’ve been planning this short film project for almost a year now.  It was supposed to be filmed in the winter of last year, but due to many, many issues, most of which were my fault in one way or another, it has been postponed again and again.

Until now.

My cinematographer, Joe, has finally given me the thumbs up to proceed filming on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of this month, which is next weekend.  We, thus, have 8 or so days before filming begins.  This isn’t so much a guide to making a short film as it is a document about how things are going (probably for the worst) to the lead-up to the shoot, our progress, and planning.

A bit about the project: it’s a silent film titled June.  The story is about a ghost who, in the middle of the night, tries to communicate to his still-alive lover by attempting to play piano.

Here’s our confirmed cast and crew so far:


Ghost: Kam
Man:  Jordon

Director: me!
Cinematographer: Joe
1st Camera Assistant: Chris


To be filled in:
Art Director
Camera op.
1st AD

I think that’s it.  There actually might be more crew positions, but I’m not super knowledgeable about crew positions like Joe is.  As you can see, we still have many crew positions to fill.  Most of them are being handled by Joe, who actually knows film people, whereas I, the writer, know, well, writers.  I did find the actors though!  I get points for that, right?

Other things:


We also have food to take care of.  We’ve got an idea of what we want, but need to get ingredients.  Since the shoot is next week, we can put that off until the day before.


Almost have everything.  Need to get some flowers, a 5×7″ picture frame, and a (preferably) red point and shoot camera.  The last one might be hard, apart from going to Bestbuy and buying one, then returning it when we’re done.


Right, I gotta re-record some music for the film.  Thanks for reminding me, me.


We need a few people to help transport people and equipment.  My dear friend Elaine is up for it, which I very much appreciate.

As Elaine told me, I have a lot of work to do.  I thought about this all earlier, and I wondered if all short films are this rushed and crazy.  I think so.  But then I think about people like Jason Karman, who seems super organized and has things planned months in advance and I think, “But…. wha?!  How????”

Here’s to the film project that will, fingers crossed, come together in seven days.  *fingers crossed*