The Haunted Circus

29 05 2011

Written sometime during Grade 5.  I got an A but now, typing it up, so many plotholes and questions.

The Haunted Circus

Once there was a bunny named Bugs Bunny.  One day, he went to the circus.  There was nobody inside so Bugs phoned the police.  The cops told Bugs to run out.  Just then, he heard a noise.  When the bunny reached the police station, the cops were gone!!!  The next day Bugs Bunny went to the circus again but with his pillow.  When he got there, there were a lot of people and what looked like ghosts!  Some of the people turned around and looked at him.  They all had freak eyes!!!  Bugs rubbed his eyes and everybody was gon!!!  He looked down and saw some sawdust.
“Hmmm….,” thought Bugs.  He ran down and saw a projector.  Then the next day, Bugs caught the bad guys and they were some cops.  he explained that the ghosts were made from the projector.  The sawdust was for making gold.  Then Bugs slept with his favorite pillow.

The End.

In ten years, I will…

15 05 2011

Written in 1999 (Grade 5).  Oh, how I’ve changed since then…

In ten years, I will…

In ten years, I will be 21 years old.  I will be a veterinarian.  A veterinarian is a doctor that takes care of sick and injured pets.  It’s tough because you have to find the right medicine for each customer.

I want to be a veterinarian because I really want to help sick and hurt pets.  The pets need their freedom to roam with their masters. [Wow.  What a contradiction there.]

I’d love to have a pet but my mom says that I can have one when I’m old enough to.  I would have a dog because I think that they are easier to take care of, compared to animals like rodents, etc.  Someday, I’ll be Aaron the Veterinarian!

10 Defining Moments of My Life (so far) — #2: Spelling Test

14 04 2010

2.  Despite only being in the second grade, I was disappointed when I misspelled “bonnet” on my spelling test (it was an Easter-themed spelling test).  I then felt nervous when we were told by our teacher, Mrs. Clarkson, to bring this particular test home to get our parents to sign it.  That night, I quickly presented it to my mom, hoping she would just scribble her name and get it over with.  She scanned it over, and I followed her eyes.  She asked me about “bonnet” and I replied that I had spelled it wrong, but everything else I had spelled correctly.  I was told to get a pen, which I did, and I thought it had gone too well.  And then the catch came: I was asked to help her write out “not good enough” on the page.  Through tears and not realizing the giant amount of irony, I spelled the three words out, wondering if my mom had overlooked the fact that I had managed to spell “scrumdiddlyumptious” correctly.

The 10 Defining Moments of My Life (so far) — #1: “Gay”

10 04 2010

Back during my film school year, I had to come up with a list of ten defining moments of my life, like taking a snapshot of a scene and describing what was going on (it was an exercise in creating stories, not just randomly coming up with stuff).  Keep in mind these are things I came up with two years ago and some stuff I might bump off now for others.  And with that, in no particular order, here’s the first one! (not necessarily my #1 moment)


I was running around the playground in the third grade, like all third graders.  I can’t remember where exactly I heard it from, but someone had mentioned the word “gay”.  At that point in my life, I had long known, but I couldn’t find the word to describe it… or something.  Feeling utterly joyful that I knew who I was, I dashed around the schoolyard, shouting “I’m gay!  I’m gay!”  I was so elated that I dared to even whisper into the ear of one of the supervisors (who was wearing a shiny reflective vest), sitting on one of the pale blue benches.   I heard her calling out behind me and attempted to avoid confrontation with her by talking with my friend Jessica, who was standing next to a gnarly tree.  But the supervisor didn’t let up; she approached me and asked where I had heard such a word.  I can’t remember exactly what I said, but I do remember her lecturing me on the usage of the word, that it only meant happy, and nothing else.  I stood there, humiliated and crying, not fully comprehending why this stranger was telling me what I was feeling was something else when I knew it was who I was.