Apathy University

5 03 2014



It’s yet another cloudy, threatening-to-rain day in Vancouver. At the bus loop at UBC, some buses sit idly in their respective parking spaces while others weave this way and that — some coming into the loop, others leaving. There is an abundance of STUDENTS getting off buses and walking to their classes, while other students wait in line for their bus.

A 99 B-Line bus is slowly pulling up to the stop, where a massive line of students are waiting to board. A WOMAN (19), short, Asian, is plugged into her phone, listening to music. She nears the crosswalk, where other students have stopped to let the bus pull up to the stop before crossing the street. The Woman continues on, walking directly in front of the moving bus.

The bus drive HONKS at her for several seconds. She barely flinches, doesn’t even glance at it — just continues on as if the road is her bitch and buses are shit.

Welcome to Apathy University, located in Vancouver, Canada.

On the phone during a movie

23 04 2013

Seriously, girl sitting next to me today while watching Jurassic Park? Seriously?

I should’ve asked her to shut the fuck up but the only thing I managed to utter was a “Shhhh!” which I suppose is better than nothing, but still. How very fucking rude.

Next time, I’ll try my very best to humiliate bastards around me. Like that time those dumbasses sitting behind me during Magic Mike wouldn’t stop making comments until I finally snapped at them, “Could you stop talking, please?”

My, how satisfied I felt after. There’s nothing like telling stupid people off. Ahh…