Saturday Morning Documentary: oh wait.

5 06 2011

I’ve been missing my Saturday Morning Documentaries because last month, I was going to classroom sessions, learning how to drive.  And sure, I could’ve watched something on Sundays because I’ve cheated and done that before, but I didn’t even do that.  I’ll post something tomorrow about another documentary.  Pinky swear.

Last run

2 03 2011

I found out about a week or so ago that my short film/commercial, Last Text, had been shortlisted in the ICBC 180 contest, which was pretty awesome since my film was 1 out of 10 in the category of Distracted Driving, and subsequently, one out of 30 out of the three categories.  I have to say that though I consider myself to be quite the humble guy, some of the other entries didn’t really impress me.  Maybe it’s the fact that a lot of them had very similar messages and were filmed in a way that conveyed being safe in a different way.  So when I got the email that the film had been shortlisted I wasn’t terribly surprised.  Sure, I was definitely happy but I didn’t feel like we had a slim chance we weren’t going to get picked, let’s say.

So anyway, I got another email today from the folks at ICBC regarding the contest and unfortunately, the film didn’t get picked for the final round, which sucks.  Was I expecting to get into the final round?  Well, I didn’t think it was definite by any means; sure, I was hoping for it but from the feedback I got so far on youtube, it seemed like a fairly significant number of people didn’t like the film, not to mention the fact that other films which I didn’t consider very good were also shortlisted in my category.

It’s all good though.  It was fun making the film in a day, with a great crew (and our one, super duper adorable actor).  Also, the fact that I now have something more on my list of films is a bonus, so it’s not like this whole experience has been all bad. Still, it would be really useful to have a Mac with Final Cut on it so I don’t have to go to Langara and somehow find a computer that might have it.

Thanks to the crew and especially to Joe for letting us film at his place.  🙂  Here’s a link again to the film on the ICBC contest youtube page, if you’d like to have a look.

Angry people make me happy

29 07 2010

as I was crossing the street, a man who was walking near me stopped in front of an SUV waiting at the light and mumbled something to himself.  I thought he had perhaps recognized the driver or was looking to see if a bus was coming but as I got to the curb, I heard him shouting, “Fuck you too!  You’re not supposed to be talking on your phone!  It’s against the law, asshole!”  so I guess the driver had retorted with a “Fuck you” first.

He was also waiting for the 49 as well–the worst bus line in Vancouver, I swear–and when it came, it advertised itself as being full.  However, it was only moderately full, and there were hardly any people standing up.  As the driver stopped a few feet away from the designated bus stop and let people off, the man went up to the bus and I presumed yet again he was trying to get on it.  But he shouted some stuff at the bus driver, probably something along the lines of, “The bus isn’t full, you jerk, so don’t say it is” to which the driver responded by telling him to come over and probably replied with something along the lines of, “Screw you, buddy.  I’m a bus driver and I can put whatever I want on it.  Also, I’m gonna make you wait several more minutes in the burning sun for the next bus, so there.”  And with that, the bus driver drove away, leaving the angry guy (and me) waiting.

I like the kind of people who are brave and confident to say things that everyone is thinking but hold back on, and I daresay I admire them, to a certain extent.  They keep life interesting.  At least mildly.  I can’t think of anything else to say so I will leave it at that.  Maybe the next time I see someone driving while on the phone I’ll channel my inner angry guy and give them a good verbal thrashing they won’t forget.