Why is it so hard to have a sex dream?

25 05 2015

Seriously. More often than not, something annoying comes up and then I get distracted and have to deal with some other problem.

Last night, I was lucid for a bit, and then proceeded to try and grab some hot guys to take to my room up on the sixth floor (of some massive building, something like an opera house). I found one guy, then two more (as a sidenote, in my dreams, I love how guys are gay if you want them to be gay). We headed over to the elevators but they were out of order. I looked up, and the fifth floor above us was basically a gaping, crumbling hole. There was a shuttle elevator that went all the way up to the sixth floor which was oddly placed at the plaza outside of the central library. When we got there, there was a line up of people. All of a sudden, our priority was getting on this elevator (which was more like an aquarium tank with holes on the side than an elevator). One of them got angry at me when I missed going into the elevator, so the next time it came around, I hopped into it right away. No one else seemed to be able to get on, so I was on the elevator alone. As it started going up, I got the feeling that something wasn’t right — then the elevator slowed down, and started falling back down…

And then I woke up. But how disappointing was that? I was so ready to have hot imaginary sex with four hot guys… only to be foiled by elevator troubles. Ugh. I think next time I should just grab some guys and do it right then and there. Who cares about privacy? Let’s see if that works tonight.

Shot and nearly dead

26 04 2015

Last night, I was on my way up and down (by stairs) this office building when I realized I forgot my shoes. So I had to go back to get them. I took the elevator. It stopped on a floor but no one got on. As the doors were closing, a man with glasses was jogging for the elevator but I just stood and watched as the doors closed. He squeezed his arm inside, just as the doors were about to closed. In his hand was a gun.

The doors opened and he came inside and aimed at me. I felt a sinking feeling, and I knew I was going to die. As he shot me twice, I ran at him. I felt the bullets hit my side, but tried to ignore the pain as I wrestled the gun from him. Now that I had the gun, I didn’t know what to do. I wondered if I should kill him before he killed me, and ended up shooting him in the cheek.

I think it was only then that I called out for help and some people in the nearby offices rushed over. With my last breaths, I told the woman attending to me who was pressing down on my wound to tell Kemuel Wong that I loved him. She told me not to speak and that I would make it, but I told her to tell him anyway.

I ended up surviving and some other stuff happened, but when I woke up, it struck me how I did what I’ve always thought I would do with my dying breath. I wanted to cry.

Nightmares of Keir Gilchrist

4 04 2015

Or rather, involving him. Had a couple nightmares last night, including one of him attacking me, and another where I was in the movie It Follows, which I haven’t seen and will not see because scary movies scare me. The thing is, I love him! He’s awesome and great and super cute and these nightmares weren’t very nice.

And then after I woke up, I decided it: I want to write a movie for Keir Gilchrist. Just ’cause. And of course I’ll have him play a gay character. Duh.

Falling to my death

15 02 2015

Last night, I dreamt I was on a school bus kind of bus, and the driver wasn’t watching the road, which was narrow. He turned around to us and I saw that the bus was veering off the road. I yelled at him and he turned back around but it was too late: the bus fell off the road and started to plummet. Everything went slow as I realized I was going to die on that was when it crashed on a highway below.

It’s a strange feeling, bracing yourself as you’re free falling and knowing that your death is imminent.

I survived by jumping up at the last second before the bus hit the concrete, thus avoiding the crash, but I was injured and bloody nonetheless. Hmmmm

I killed a cat

21 10 2014

In my dream last night. It was attacking me and I had to go in through this door to safety but it just wouldn’t leave me alone so I had to kill it with the closest thing to me — a small sofa. I lifted it up and hit the cat a few times with it until it lay on the ground, and yes, I felt terrible because I love cats, even evil, killer cats. There was a lot of other weirdness about the dream, like going through the door and having to memorize a nine or ten digit sequence in order to get through the next doors to safety, where the world had not been ravaged by a plague, but I only had so many tries before I wouldn’t be able to get in the door anymore, so I was knocking on the door so that someone could open it and just let me in, which ended up happening… at which point I think I woke up in a sweat because the door sequence thing was quite stressful… or perhaps some other horrible stuff happened that I no longer remember, which could be a good thing, and wow, this entire paragraph is one clusterfuck of run-ons.

Dreaming about bamboo

7 09 2014

I dreamt last night that the two bamboo plants my mom is going to be selling tomorrow had hand-drawn signs on them that said they were free, and I think a few people were taking them away. I’m sure I dreamed more but apparently those cups of Tieguanyin tea I had almost twelve hours ago had enough caffeine to keep me up for a while.

Dreams about writing + The Hunger Games

4 12 2013

Last night, I dreamt I had a conversation with my Writing for Children and Young Adults instructor about how to go about getting my fan-fic story about Foxface from The Hunger Games published in the world. I suppose it partly my fault for dreaming that because I watched Catching Fire yesterday and subsequently spent a bit of time on the Hunger Games wiki, reading up on the characters. And I only saw my instructor on Monday too. But very strange dream.

Oh, am I writing a fan-fic about Foxface? I thought about it a lot, mostly since I find her to be so fascinating and I would’ve loved to know her story. Officially, no, I am not writing it. But maybe one day!

Living in Inception

1 01 2013

For the past while, I’ve been waking up from dreams and feeling like I was in Inception, in that my dreams were a false reality, and that I was waking up into another false reality.  I felt just like Mal, believing that the only way to free myself is to die and wake up in the real world.  It was a really strange sensation, but it dissipated after a few moments.  I’ve never felt it before, but it certainly made me wonder a lot about what was real and false, if I’m actually living in another world, if everything I see and touch and feel is simply Simulacra and my body is somewhere else… how strange and frightening.

See you in our dreams

3 10 2012

Rachel and Artie from Glee were accompanying me on my quest.  I had been given clues to go to certain places, and once there, I would find an old shoe.  Inside, I would find more clues to the next location.  I didn’t understand it.

The three of us were in a dark forest.  The trees and the leaves on the ground were brown — burgundy, really.  There were two different tracks in front of us, like those little ramps in bowling alleys where the balls roll and return to the front of the bowling lane.  There were two separate ones in front of us, both metal.  I told Rachel and Artie, who were standing behind me, to wait until the balls were released, as it was implied (or else I “knew”) that the balls were there to kill us.  Two bangs went off from somewhere, and the cannonballs — or large metal balls — rolled out of the lanes,  We hopped across the tracks after they rolled past us and into the forest behind us, then sprinted until we got to smaller tracks that we were supposed to jump on and follow.  I jumped on it, and started weaving my way around, while Artie and Rachel seemed to stay on ground, pointing me as to where to go.  Finally, I got to the end of the tracks and was face to face with a worn out old boot.  I dumped the contents out: some coins, mostly.  The boot had the number 20 faded on it.  I knew that was significant, and I knew that the next boot or whatever it was was going to be the last one.

I examined the coins but couldn’t figure it out.  “What does this mean?” I asked someone standing nearby (it might have been Artie but I think it was someone different entirely).  Then I looked more closely at the coins and I realized what it was: they all had sea animals on it, and our next location was the aquarium.

“No.  No no no no.  I don’t want to go there ever again,” I said.  But everyone already left, and I knew I had to go there.


The aquarium wasn’t quite the aquarium that I remembered it to be.  It was more like a seafood market.  I wandered the halls, looking for something.  Eventually, I came across two big glass doors.  A little girl walked slowly up to the glass.  Floating behind her was what I first thought was a dead girl, but it turned out to be a jellyfish.  I opened the doors, and had to yell at her because all of a sudden, there were people around, talking.

I can’t remember what we talked about, but I do remember the jellyfish was trying to kill me.  Unfortunately for it, there was no water around, and it flopped and slid pathetically on the floor towards me while I shout-talked with the little girl.  She must’ve told me something important because the next thing I remember is I was on my way to the hospital.

I was on the phone with my mother.  I told her I figured everything out.  My ex, G., had been in an accident and was almost dead.  He was in the hospital, in a coma, and had been leaving my clues to try and communicate with me.  I didn’t know why though.  While talking with my mom, she told me she was in the hospital or that she was also headed to the hospital, and would check on him.  During our conversation, a  strange and distant but clear voice interrupted us and said something which I can’t even remember.  My mother didn’t hear it, but I heard it, and I knew it was G. sending me telepathic messages.  I told her I was on my way to the hospital to see him.

I got a ride from someone.  When I got there, the attendant at the hospital asked if we were there to see the swim races that day, and when I told him I needed to visit a patient in the hospital, he waved us in.  I went inside and wasn’t sure where he might be, but I figured he wasn’t on the first floor.  So I got in the elevator and pushed the 4 button.  I saw my mother through the glass windows/walls of the elevator, waving at me.  She somehow told me (maybe this was after, or maybe it was voice-over or something) that G. was located on the second floor.  She also said he was awake and had even walked over to the Visitor’s Area, waiting for me.

For some reason, I told her I would stay on the fourth floor for a bit.  I think I rationalized that since I was going to the fourth floor, I might as well “spend time” there before going down to the appropriate floor.  Unfortunately for me, I believe I forgot my original mission, and spent a stupid amount of time on the fourth floor.  In the end, I didn’t even see him in the hospital.

I suddenly remembered why I was there, and as I headed downstairs, I woke up.

The real Inception

9 01 2011

I’ve had a dream within a dream before, but I believe that was about as complex as my dreams have been.  Last night, it was a little more puzzling than that.

Before any of you get ideas about how my mind was infiltrated by people or assume that I was involved in some kind of zero-gravity fight scene, no.  I’ll just explain by writing it.

First dream: Something scary.  I don’t remember much.  I think I was in bed and there was something that scared the crap out of me in my room.  I didn’t want to do it, but eventually I resorted to screaming and yelling for my mom and after a while, she came in and I probably stopped.

Second dream: I woke up in my bed again, realizing what just happened was only a dream.  I felt relieved, yet still a little wary/scared because I felt like there was something else in the room.  I could see it faintly, an outline of someone, standing nearby…

Third dream: My mom and I were in a parking lot, going to the car.  I was telling her about my two dreams, about how scared I was but that I was relieved they were only dreams.  As we started to pull out of the parking space and get on our way, another van was in our way, with lots of stuff packed on the top of their car.

Reality: I woke up!  This time for realz, yo.  Then I told a bored-seeming mom who didn’t say much about it.

There’s a name for dreams within dreams, but the name escapes me.  I can’t remember if they mean something, like how most things in dreams are symbols of other things.  Anyway, I thought that was cool, if a little scary.

Other parts of the dreams include my grandparents sitting together and my grandpa being an actor, posing as if dead with fake blood on his head (I mentioned the blood part to my mom and asked if fake blood still meant money but she just smiled and didn’t say anything).