I Am Not Myself These Days

23 05 2013

As a super-fan of Josh and Brent on Season 21 of The Amazing Race, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Josh had written a couple books. This one, I Am Not Myself These Days, has been on my read-list since last year and I finally got around to reading it.

This book made me sad and mixed up. Not a lot of books do that. I suppose I felt sad that Jack and Josh didn’t end up together and that Jack had to get addicted to crack and go through all those terrible things. And even though Josh ends up with Brent and they have a happy life together, I can’t help but feel that when Josh says that Jack will be the greatest love in his life, there’s sadness there. I can’t help but feel that the love I have for K. will be the greatest love that I will have loved, despite it only being four months of my life.

Then again, I think I’m going to die before I’m 30, so that’s not a very long life. Anyway, I recommend reading this memoir. It was surprisingly well-written and detailed, and really made me more aware of my own autobiographical writing.

Also, that photo of me is not very good and I feel like I look like a different person.

2013-05-22 16.30.00