30 01 2011

I think I should just start numbering all the dream entries I post instead of trying to label them as “Another Dream” or “Old dream”.  Stuff in square brackets is my commentary.


July 10?, 2004

In a store and Maggie Simpson is there.  Bart and Lisa are there too.  We’re trying to pick out a nice toy that Maggie will like.  Finally, I find a LIsa doll and Maggie loves it.  She’s hugging it and she’s happy.

In Superstore with Maggie [my sister, I’m assuming, not Simpson] and Florrie.  We’re looking at all this crap and we want to get out.  So we do and then we come back inside but we can’t find anyone (my aunts and cousins).  So we go in this room filled with popcorn and after we swim through it, we find them.  Jeffrey [one of my cousins] is being stupid and is in a stroller [which is fitting since he’s such a friggin’ baby].