You Know Me Well

3 09 2016

I’ll always read David Levithan’s books, even if they’re just okay, like this one. I don’t really have much to say about it except that I liked his previous collaborations with John Green and Rachel Cohn better.

Also, my cat knows me well.


Another Day

1 12 2015

I will always be a fan of Mr. Leviathan, even when he writes interesting but unnecessary books like this one. While I absolutely loved Every Day, this one fell short of my expectations. Sure, we get another side of the same story, but in the end, meh. I actually found parts of this to be kind of… Tedious. And cue the firing squad as I’m shot my everyone! Ahhhh…

On the upside, I get to show off my new long johns… And a special guest!


Hold Me Closer

1 05 2015

My hair looks really weird after I’ve flipped the picture horizontally. Also, fuck, I’m skinny. Guess that Elimination Diet’s really eliminating my body.

Anyway, David Levithan can do no wrong in my books, so of course I enjoyed Hold Me Closer immensely. Leave it to David to think up new genres such as the musical novel. This is the young adult kind of books I’d love to write one day.

May I just say again, goddamn, I’m just a science lab skeleton with a tiny bit of tissue. Can someone help me build some muscles?


Two Boys Kissing

28 10 2013

Thank you, David Levithan, for distracting me from the boredom and monster that is schoolwork. Also, I love this book, as I do all of your novels. You are awesome.

2013-10-28 23.51.36

Everyday/Six Earlier Days

1 06 2013

Alright, so I read Everday by my all-time favourite author, David Levithan, last year and of course, I loved it. About a month ago, I found out that apparently there’s a companion piece titled Six Earlier Days, available as an e-book that outlines six previous days of A’s life before the events of Everyday.

So I placed a hold on it at the library, and when I started reading, it seemed an awful lot like Everyday, but I thought the six days might be at the end (I didn’t know the six days happened prior to Everyday) so I kept on reading and finished it today. There was nothing about six other days anywhere.

After a brief google search, I found Six Earlier Days available online, as a separate thing from Everyday. The library was wrong! I left a comment on the page, but I should probably alert someone who can actually fix that.

Anyway, I finished Six Earlier Days and I gotta say, the last day, with Mark and Sam, is really cute and just a little bittersweet. I wish I could actually write and finish that as a story in itself. That’s the awesomeness of Levithan’s writing, and Everyday: each day is so different, with unique characters and situations, that they would make great short films in their own rights.

As a writer, I’m jealous.

PS. Apologies for the lack of slutiness in my photos. There are two reasons for this.
1. I feel like I’ve parodied them all (if you have one I should make fun of, show me!)
2. I’m becoming self-conscious of my body… though I probably shouldn’t give a crap.


Life is a novel

16 11 2012

After reading a novel, does anyone else hear a voice in their heads narrating every action as if they’re a character in a novel?  Maybe I’m crazy — okay, I am crazy, but maybe that’s pushing too crazy.  I finished Every Day today and it was amazing and not how I was expecting it to end.  When I closed the book, I couldn’t help but narrate everything I was doing.

For example:

Aaron closes the book.  He looks down at it and exhales with satisfaction upon finishing a good read, saying goodbye to the characters.  He notices the woman next to him look over at the sound of his sigh, but not getting it at all.  People these days are so dumb, he thinks.



Okay, I’m just nuts.

National Reading Campaign

13 11 2012

From Nov. 13-20, it’s the National Reading Campaign!  I suppose this is an effort to get the mildly illiterate population to pick up a book — you know, one of those things made up of lots of pieces of paper with words in them.  So in honour of this week which probably no one will observe — or at least not students because they don’t give a shit about anything and are blind to the rest of the world, particularly students at UBC, it seems — here is a picture of me and Every Day by David Levithan, which I will be starting today.  (I just finished reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes earlier this evening and read on the bus to and from school, so I am not a poser)


22 01 2012

motif: You don’t love me as much as I love you, you don’t love me as much as I love you, you don’t love me as much as I love you… From David Levithan’s novel, The Lover’s Dictionary.

When I read that part in David Levithan’s book, I realized it might actually apply to my life.  Maybe I did love G. more than he loved me.  I definitely needed him more than he needed me.  Last night, at the Dan Savage show, we were invited to write down questions for Dan to answer.  I coudln’t think of anything to ask him until midway through the night, I had one: What if you’re with someone who you love, but feel that they don’t love you as much?  What do you do?  I’m trying to be objective about it as I can, but I don’t think there’s a right answer to that question.  I think no matter what you do, you’re going to get hurt.  That being said, of course, this theoretical couple could work things out and be happy, so it wouldn’t be all bad.

I think I might send this question to Dan and see what he thinks.  Anybody have any thoughts?

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 7: A song that reminds you of a certain event

16 04 2011

I’ve loved Chet Baker since the following two events:

1.  His music being mentioned in David Levithan’s Boy Meets Boy, which is one of my favourite books.

2.  Since my former high school choir teacher compared my singing to Mr. Baker (which I don’t agree with since he’s way more fantastic than I’ll ever be, but thanks Ms. Comfort!)

I then went out and bought a couple Chet Baker CDs, but was really more interested in hearing songs where he sings, since I absolutely adore his voice.  After listening to him singing to awesome classic jazz songs like this one, Gershwin’s “Not For Me”, I came up with the idea of slow dancing with a guy to Chet which would totally make him fall in love with me — or maybe I would fall in love with someone who did that for me.  In any case, I finally got to put my plan into works when I invited my current boyfriend to my house where we watched a movie.  I then took out my stereo, popped in Mr. Baker, and when “Not For Me” started playing, I took his hand and invited him for a slow dance which lasted… well, for a while.

Romantic?  I think so!  Thanks, Chet, for helping me seduce my boyfriend!

Almost Here (song)

1 06 2010

A song I wrote with the lyrics partly based on lyrics of a song in David Levithan’s novel Boy Meets Boy, which is one of my favourite books of all time. I really really really hope that with the success of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and his upcoming movie adaptation of Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List, maybe Boy Meets Boy will get made into a film as well.  If so, it would be so frickin’ awesome if this was included but obviously I’m not holding my breath.