Darren Criss sex dream

22 03 2013

Before bed last night, I was googling pics of Darren Criss after watching the latest episode of Glee in which I thought his hair was exceptionally nice.  And then lo and behold, he appeared in my dream!  It was this big convoluted, confusing dream that involved a witch (I think) and wandering around in scary alleys, but I somehow found a naked Darren Criss (or was it Blaine Anderson?) and naturally, proceeded to touch his gorgeous body all over (and he let me).  He had nice nipples and I wanted to make him orgasm by playing with them so I began touching him some more while he talked to me about something unimportant.  Then I felt something spurting on my leg– yet, he still continued talking as if nothing was happening.  When I pointed out that he just came and he didn’t even react to it, I think he said it wasn’t important or that he didn’t want to disrupt our conversation or something.

Anyway, after that, I think I made him go down on me but it didn’t last long because I woke up shortly after and was extremely bummed to have to go to school.  Darn you UBC.  Always killing my dreams.

Teenage Dream

22 05 2012

I really don’t like Katy Perry’s music, as I find it lacking any sort of substance, but man, this version makes it sound like an actual song.  Thanks, Glee and the Warblers!