Nothing much part 2

14 08 2012

Still nothing much.  I’m also reading John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany (on purpose, not just because it was a book that just happened to be there), which is also on the BBC’s list of books to read.  And it is much, much different in tone and style than The Da Vinci Code, to say the least, not to mention also being about 200 pages longer and denser.  I can’t comment on the writing of Irving too much as it’s difficult to describe, but all I can say is that A Prayer for Owen Meany is clearly written by a real writer with craft.  Sure, there may be tons of background info and description of characters’ lives (I’m about a hundred pages in so far), but Irving does a great job of creating a sense of foreboding and foreshadowing.  It’s a very curious novel, and restrained in what the narrator decides to reveal.  Da Vinci, on the other hand, feels as if the narrator is so excited to divulge all the info, like a child with a secret all too eager to share.

Is that a fair assessment?

Nothing much

13 08 2012

Got nothing much to say.  Started reading Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code in box office today, only because 1. I didn’t feel like writing today, and 2. it’s on BBC’s list of books to read.  So far, I’m not impressed.  I really don’t like his writing style — constantly interrupting the plot to tell readers how much he knows about Art History, or painters, or symbology.

I get it.  You did lots of research.  Now can I get back to you telling me a dumbed-down conspiracy story?  Thanks.

PS.  I also like how in his blurb in the book jacket, it says he is a “master” storyteller.  Had to laugh at that one, especially imagining him actually writing that out about himself.