Come and See

26 09 2012

Just finished watching this movie, and I feel like I need to go to therapy because many scenes were quite disturbing, more so because it’s based on real events.  This is what a real horror film should be — one that actually horrifies you, not simply scares you.

Definitely not for the squeamish (I’m looking at you, Kelsey).  And not a date movie.  But a damn good one.

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 10: Favourite foreign film

23 06 2011

I know Federico Fellini’s films can be kind of obscure and confusing(I definitely felt that way watching 8½).  I think La Dolce Vita is the first Fellini film I ever saw (or perhaps second), and I remember getting about halfway into the movie and thinking, “This is so damn good.”

It’s hard to describe why I like this film so much.  It could be because of the fantastic cinematography, the fascinating and colorful characters that Marcello meets, or the commentary of society’s obessession with celebrities and, well, the “sweet life”.  This film and Amarcord are my two favourite Fellini films.

Here’s the Trevi Fountain clip from the film:

30 Day Movie Challenge: Favourite Film

13 06 2011

Not knowing what to do after the 30 Day Music Challenge, I decided to take a friend’s advice to do another challenge on facebook.  The first thing I thought of and searched for was a movie challenge of some sort and lo and behold, the 30 Day Movie Challenge popped up.

First up: the favourite film.  Well, as difficult as it is to choose one, I also find that my favourite film changes every now and then, what with my mood and with new movies I watch. Maybe it’s because I wrote about it in a short story I wrote a week or so ago, but I went with the 1960 Billy Wilder classic The Apartment.  Jack Lemmon plays a guy who lends his apartment to his bosses — they get to sleep around and he gets on their approval and promotions.  He likes Shirley MacLaine’s character, an elevator operator working in the same building.  It’s clever, cute, and actually romantic, unlike today’s rom-coms.

As per the rules, here’s a clip from the film.