I’m reading next week!

19 02 2014

For those reading this who are actually in Vancouver (which I think is all of two people, both of whom I could actually contact instead of via blog), I will be reading as part of Outwrite, the BFA reading series for the undergrads in the Creative Writing program at UBC. Also, I will be trying something I haven’t done before (surprise!), which could go horribly wrong, but I’m only allowed 4-7 minutes so that shouldn’t be too long a death. The reading starts at 7pm at the Cottage Bistro (4470 Main Street), so if you’re in the area and don’t mind a free reading by some up-and-coming writers, swing by and chill out with us!


Writing marathon complete!

27 11 2013

I know I didn’t really do a very good job with National Novel Writing Month, but I feel like I basically had writing marathon these past two weeks with my three big writing assignments — a 5o-page TV script, a 9-page play, and just completed today, a 10-page personal essay. Oh, and not to mention all of the reading and feedback I’ve been writing for my classmates’ work too. If I took all the words I’ve written over the last two weeks and combined them, I’m pretty sure I’d have at least half a novel done. Ugh, I’m exhausted by all this writing. But in a good way.

Technically, I do still have revisions to do and a final take-home exam thing for my film class so I’ll still be writing. Dammit.