Thanks for dinner

1 06 2014

As I realized today, having other people pay for my dinner is outrageous and appalling and something I will only begrudgingly accept. My Chinese mom and family have taught me well.

Also, I wish to make my own calamari that is actually hot.

I did it.

26 05 2014

I took a picture of my dinner.

Now, I have never been one to do such a thing, especially since I’ve deemed it stupid and annoying. But I decided to do it tonight because I cooked, which I don’t really do. It’s not that I can’t — I can follow recipe directions to a tee — but I’m never really inspired to cook anything fancy. Tonight, I made organic brown rice, baked salt and pepper salmon, broccoli with Parmesan cheese, and two eggs. And I must say, it didn’t turn out nearly as disastrous as my mom probably thought it would.

See for yourself (and yes, I ate a little of the salmon before I took the picture).



Cooking onself

2 07 2013

A thought occurred during the heatwave we’ve been having.

If I put coconut oil on myself as moisturizer (which I’ve been doing), and then proceed to go outside into the burning sun, am I not, in a sense, cooking myself?