Technology cleanse

18 05 2013

Lately, I feel like I want to take a break from using my computer, my phone, and my tablet. I don’ t use my tablet often, so that won’t be difficult, but I use my computer and phone every day. It just wears me out. Every time I plan on writing something on my computer, I get distracted by stupid things online and I don’t end up accomplishing what I want to accomplish.

With my phone, I get so caught up texting (not very much, as it is) or playing with apps. A few days ago, I ashamedly got Grindr — just to see if it was as douchey as it seems. It doesn’t alert me when there are new messages (which there are rarely any) so I end up constantly checking it to see if there are any replies to all the messages I sent out. After so many silent rejections from people, it wears you down. I’m in the process of writing about my experience, so at least I can have something to show for my pain and misery.

It all seems not very fair, but that’s the way it crumbles. Cookie-wise.