Scott Pilgrim Vol. 2: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

21 07 2013

As enjoyable as the Scott Pilgrim comics are, I gotta thank the writers of the film adaptation for cutting a lot of stuff out and making it more dramatic, particularly during the fight with Lucas Lee. The pacing of the comics is surprisingly all over the place in this book, going from intense fighting with Lucas to sitting down and having a drink with him, to challenging him to the disappointingly anticlimactic skateboard rail thing.

Anyway, this is still pretty cool. Also, I like the pretty colours.

Also also, I think my body looks strange here.



14 02 2011

After class today, I met my boyfriend and another friend in the cafeteria, where he was assigning the two of them themes and subjects for which to write poems.  Suddenly, I was told to grab a colored pen and to write a poem about the color opposite of it.  Since I grabbed a green pen, I had to write about red.  Here’s what I wrote. (don’t get your expectations too high)


you are not faded,
not like the strawberry of your sweatshirt,
gone through cycles,
twisting and contorting — like a Ditto!

You like Ditto
and strawberries;
I leave your neck blushing with spots where my mouth has christened them.
Joy is a fuse, lit by the touch of your chilled fingers
pressing into my heated palms.
It travels along the citadels of hair on my arms,
winding down canyons and valleys of mouded flesh
that I call my body.
Finally detonating with your escaped frantic whispers.

See, you are not faded
like your sweatshirt
or chilled like your fingers,
but a warm bath stewed with everything you are
and while roses wash the surface,
it is the fire underneath —
You —
that I love.