Cleaning party

14 07 2015

Sink, toilet, bathtub. Vacuumed, washed dishes, scooped the litter box.

And then donut party in the evening. What a day.

Proud of my bathroom

19 10 2014

Okay, correction: proud of my *clean* bathroom. Sounds stupid, I’m sure, but I take pride in seeing a sparkling bathroom that I cleaned with non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners. Who knew baking soda could be so useful (and cheap!) in cleaning a shower?

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pee everywhere and make my bathroom filthy because I’m a man.

Power Rangers project

12 06 2014

Found this in my closet while I was cleaning it out today. I saved it from high school (Biology 11, to be exact) because I thought it was a fun project, but I never really did anything with it. I remember a few kids in the class coming up to my project and saying how Power Rangers were awesome and that my project was cool.

And just for the record, I wasn’t into Power Rangers when I was in Grade 11. I just thought it would be a neat project to do something different from the rest of the class while we were learning about evolution.



Cleaning party

6 12 2012

Spent today cleaning the bugs under my bed and throwing away my educational history.  Goodbye report cards, certificates of having the fast WPM, and Chinese school tests which I don’t even understand anymore.

I am, however, keeping report cards from elementary school talking about how I have excellent spelling and am a creative writer, which I’m sure I will use somehow someday.