Two more classes

5 04 2014

Next week Tuesday and Thursday classes are all I have left (aside from one final exam later this month). So… close… argh….

Five weeks

3 03 2014

Five weeks left of school to go. Although I guess the last week doesn’t really count as a full week, since I only have two classes, so it’s more like four and a half weeks to go. Even closer! Argh!

(I had nothing new to say so that’s why)

Last day of classes

7 08 2011
Batman by icy_snow88
Batman, a photo by icy_snow88 on Flickr.

Tomorrow. Finally. And then it’s one more thing out of the way before I actually get to enjoy my summer instead of thinking of what to read and do for my classes.

Oh right. First exams. And then freedom! Huzzah.

Here’s a picture of my cat. Just because.