Labyrinth of Fifth Avenue Cinemas

10 07 2012


Aaron and Daniela sit inside box office.  Aaron sells a customer a ticket, and there are three other customers lined up behind her.  Daniela, on the other hand, isn’t helping anyone at the moment.  A stanchion divides the line between the two employees outside where customers can form an organized line.

Daniela notices the people standing behind Aaron’s customer.  She waves her hand, trying to get their attention.

Daniela: I can help the next person!

A WOMAN, the next in line, leans over to face Daniela.

Woman:  I don’t know how to get to you!

Aaron tries his best to contain his laughter, while Daniela looks puzzled.

Daniela: What did she say?

Aaron: [through laughing]  She… she said… ‘I don’t know how… to get to you…’ as if it’s some sort of maze… all she has to do is turn around and walk through the obvious gap, over to you…

Daniela:  When she gets to you, you should tell her, ‘You made it!  Hooray!’

Aaron will have bouts of uncontrollable laughter the rest of his shift.


3 03 2012


Maura and Aaron are at concession.  It’s downtime, between shows.

Maura: He lives in Maryland.

Aaron:  Uh oh.

Maura:  It’s too late.  I’m falling.

Me:  No, it’s not.  You can easily fall out of love.

Maura: [laughs]  You’re so cynical.

Aaron says nothing.