Chicken Soup is still good?

24 07 2011

Recently, I found an listing on QLit for true stories (I’m thinking creative non-fiction here) and poems dealing with being gay/coming out to be submitted for publication for the next Chicken Soup book.  My first thought after reading the ad was, “It’s still popular?  Really?”

I remember when they used to be super popular many years ago and how there were so many variations and books out there.  I never got into the fad but I did take a look at one of the many editions of the Teenage Soul books to see if there was anything queer related in there, and of course there wasn’t.  Mostly, I think the perception of the books being super straight and about girly stuff (“I have a crush on this super cute guy at school, omg, hehe!”) that put me off reading it all.

Anyway, I’m in the process of writing something to submit to them since they apparently pay $200 if you do get published.  Sounds like a good deal to me!  Will update this later when I have/have not finished it.