The Horrors: an A to Z of Funny Thoughts on Awful Things

27 03 2016

Like Ghost World, i finished this a while back. I love Charlie’s humour, especially his comparisons and analogies, so I was sure I’d enjoy his collection of personal essays. Although some are definitely more captivating than others, (“H for Heteronormativity” is a stand-out), I did feel lost amidst the jumble of Demers’s diction at times. Yes, his essays are well-written, but sometimes, less commonly used words — Charlie has an impressive vocabulary, I must say — can take you out of a piece instead of intriguing you. That was my main complaint about this. Also I’m super curious about his gay brother and how good-looking he really is.

Here is me at work again because I wanted to return it since there are a number of people waiting to read it. Eh. Whatever.