New poetry out!

4 05 2015

Do I fancy myself to be a poet? No, and especially not after having received rejection after rejection from literary magazines and publications. But the good folks at The Outrider Review thought otherwise! In the second issue of their second volume, you’ll find two poems from yours truly: “Prodigal Boy” and “Cave”, two poems I’ve had kicking around for quite a few years. I’m thrilled that they’ve both finally found a home. (I’m also thrilled that someone actually likes my somewhat straightforward poetry)

You can order either a print or digital copy (or both!) here. And as always, if anyone reads my poetry and has thoughts, I am very receptive to them. Please leave a comment! I’m dying to know!


24 05 2010


In your cave of clothes
Dank, reeking
of sulfurous detergent
Ties hanging, stalactites
Asphyxiating turtlenecks
a skeleton in the corner, still rotting
Secrets lost in the creases

The hermit refuses to leave.

Wardrobe and lies expand
but instead of yearning for the open sunlight,
he shrinks himself,
insignificant as the lint in the pockets.
Family and friends familiar with his shadow
on the wall
his distorted voice behind sliding doors
unaware of his true face
Soulless sweaters and vests,
He knows them best.

I’ve come with questions
But your answers are prepared
“No” echoing to silence.
Caves have no doors:
Is this really the only place you want to know?