Cats Meow!

11 09 2015



How to Speak Cat

4 09 2015

I’ve been neglecting updating some pictures of books I’ve read lately, so here we finally go. I was lucky enough to catch my cat in mid-lick here (she just finished eating a treat, the bag of which is behind her if you look on the left).



Cat plays with windshield wipers

17 08 2015

Well, more accurate would be tries to play with windshield wipers.

King Lear

8 08 2015

My T-shirt should belong in a Shakespeare play.


Crafting with Cat Hair

8 07 2015

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with using your cat’s fur to make things.


Fluffy cat

7 07 2015

Saw this cat today and it was nice and fluffy. 🙂


IMG_2235 IMG_2234

Cat expectations vs. reality

4 07 2015


Cats demanding attention

25 06 2015

I like the first kitty, especially it’s facial expression.

What Will Fat Cat Sit On?

30 04 2015

Tried to get my cat to sit on something funny but she’s not usually the type to do that. Unless it’s a bag. Or in a box (like most cats). Or on my bed.

So the answer to the question: Fat Cat will sit on the floor. How boring. The End.


Cat pushes dog into swimming pool

12 04 2015

I cannot believe this does not have at least a million views. I swear I’ve viewed the last five seconds of the video at least sixteen times today. It is really that amazing (and hilarious).