Inspiration Pass pictures

11 06 2015

A bird at The Nitobe Memorial Garden:


A silly man at the H.R. Macmillan Space Centre:


#whatmakesmehappy at The Museum of Vancouver:

And an angry fluffy kitty:


I killed a cat

21 10 2014

In my dream last night. It was attacking me and I had to go in through this door to safety but it just wouldn’t leave me alone so I had to kill it with the closest thing to me — a small sofa. I lifted it up and hit the cat a few times with it until it lay on the ground, and yes, I felt terrible because I love cats, even evil, killer cats. There was a lot of other weirdness about the dream, like going through the door and having to memorize a nine or ten digit sequence in order to get through the next doors to safety, where the world had not been ravaged by a plague, but I only had so many tries before I wouldn’t be able to get in the door anymore, so I was knocking on the door so that someone could open it and just let me in, which ended up happening… at which point I think I woke up in a sweat because the door sequence thing was quite stressful… or perhaps some other horrible stuff happened that I no longer remember, which could be a good thing, and wow, this entire paragraph is one clusterfuck of run-ons.

Fahrenheit 451

2 08 2014

Managed to surprisingly finish this one in a few days. I had no idea it was so short! Also, since I’m sure all three of you are sick of looking at me and my near-naked body, here is a guest appearance by a special someone. Who was also coincidentally held hostage in the bathroom when this was taken.


Cat for mayor

29 06 2014

Did anyone else see this? Oh, those kooky prairie folk. I would vote for him if I could because he’s a fluffy cat.

I like my cat

9 02 2014

Sometimes I wonder how different my life would be if I didn’t have my cat, and I think I back to how my sister tried to take her away from me when she left for the US again. I stood in front of my house, crying my eyes out, and in that moment, I felt like a parent, helplessly watching someone take away their child.

My attachment to my cat frightens me. Not because it’s unhealthy, but that I depend on her for so much.

Cat on/in a backpack

5 12 2013

Not exactly on, but not really in either. What would the correct preposition be?

2013-12-05 23.45.53

Look at this crazy cat guy

16 09 2012

1.  Go here:

2.  Scroll down near the bottom of the page, until you get to this crazy guy with his crazy cat:

3.  He is so silly!  (This is not really a step)

Goodbye kitty

28 05 2012

My kitty is leaving tonight.  She’s on my lap at the moment, chilling out.  I’ll miss you, my fuzzle kitty.  See you soon.

So cute! by icy_snow88
So cute!, a photo by icy_snow88 on Flickr.

I might not have time

27 01 2012

so here is a post.

My cat says hello to the world.

Last day of classes

7 08 2011
Batman by icy_snow88
Batman, a photo by icy_snow88 on Flickr.

Tomorrow. Finally. And then it’s one more thing out of the way before I actually get to enjoy my summer instead of thinking of what to read and do for my classes.

Oh right. First exams. And then freedom! Huzzah.

Here’s a picture of my cat. Just because.