This is today.

25 03 2013

Castle in the Sky medley

10 12 2012

Can’t get this out of my head, especially after watching Castle in the Sky on Friday.  This is medley of the different themes played throughout the film.  I’ve already learned to play two of them on the piano.

Joe Hisaishi: if it was possible to love you more, it has happened.  Enjoy!

Animated double bill of awesome night

8 12 2012

Just got home from a double bill of Castle in the Sky and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind tonight.  I had pretty much forgotten what they were about, which made watching them on the big screen that much more enjoyable and entertaining.  I gotta say: Nausicaa is really sad in parts, and you really feel the senselessness of violence and warfare.  God, I can’t stop thinking about that film…