My name on a magazine cover

22 01 2014

Whenever I get news that I’ve been published, I’ve been obsessively checking and re-checking the magazines’ sites to see if the new issues have come out. Today, I found out that the #66 issue of subTerrain magazine came out last week; there, on the Facebook page, was a photo of the cover of the issue. SubTerrain features the names of all its writers on the front of every issue, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when I saw mine, just a couple spots away from my former college English teacher (Peter Babiak). I must’ve stared at my name on the screen for about a minute, quietly digesting the awe and pride of seeing my name published, and to know that my story will (hopefully) be read by many others.

Not sure if other people understand what I mean. Here’s the picture:

When I get my copies of the issue, I swear I’m probably going to cry a bit.