“Fairweather Friend” — Vanessa Carlton

27 07 2011

Rabbits On the Run, Vanessa Carlton’s fourth studio album was released this past Tuesday and I’m still waiting to get my signed copy in the mail, but I’ve heard all the songs already.  🙂   Anyway, this is one of the songs on the record and for whatever reason, it’s been stuck in my head all day.  When I first heard this song when she performed it live a couple years back, I thought it was an alright song, but the more I listen to it now, the more I see and notice the details in the words Vanessa’s chosen, and it gets that much stronger every time.

Have a listen yourself: (and get the CD!)

“Carousel” — Vanessa Carlton

28 06 2011

As a nessaholic, I feel I should promote this awesome song and her album coming out on July 26 titled Rabbits on the Run.  Also, I’m really digging this song right now.  Listen!