Will post something special soon.

21 11 2011

But not tonight.  Have to get some sleep as the last two weeks of school will probably be hectic, not to mention being a part of the Programming Committee again at the Queer Film Fest.  It’s strange, but I never thought my life would ever be busy.  I guess I never thought I would ever find that much to do in life.


Busy busy

1 10 2011

Writing 25 consecutive minutes of piano music for a friend’s film + preparing for a show tonight + dealing with short story publications + organizing production meetings for my next shrot film + lots of schoolwork + work =


Ugh, no time.

19 07 2011

Crazy amount of work to do for school and no time to write anything up.  Cormac McCarthy owns me for the next few days.

I’m listening to some Clint Mansell right now.  Here!  Listen!