Creating a new site

4 10 2011

is difficult.  I didn’t think it would be that hard but it kind of is.  Or maybe it’s just how I chose to do things.  So I wanted to have a site that would encompass everything I do– music, writing, and film– into one, all about me.  I created a site through name cheap, even though I knew that you can create and buy your own domaiin through wordpress but I wanted to try something new.  Turns out that I also needed to buy webhosting stuff, which I didn’t realize I needed to do, and that’s a little costly for me, at least for the time being.  So I can’t actually edit my domain page without buying webhosting, and now I just have this domain that’s sitting there, blank.  I sent a request to support and asked if I could delete the domain and then I could just buy it on wordpress and all would be good; I had read a similar story on the forums on namecheap and someone also wanted to delete their domain but the response was that you could only delete your domain and get a refund if it had been 72 hours since buying and creating it.  I quickly checked to see how long it had been, and technically, it was a few hours over 3 days.  Still, I sent them an email, and the response I got back told me what I already knew: nope, you can’t do that. So I replied and asked if there was any way to transfer my domain name to be hosted on wordpress instead since they are much less confusing and tricky like that (well, namecheap wasn’t tricky, but I was just under the impression that you could just buy a domain and off you go).

Anyway.  Ack.  Domains.  Wordy things.  So much to know.  At least my helpful, actually smart friend is helping the not-so-smart me out.  Once this all gets sorted out, I’ll be posting a link to my mega site, but until then, it’s crazy confusion time!  Wheeeee!


13 11 2010

The stuff in bold are comments I’m making now that aren’t what I originally wrote down two years ago.

July 16, 2008


I think this all happened when I was at the swimming pool.  I don’t know which one because it didn’t look familiar.  I jumped into the pool and got out and walked around for a bit.  There was this small wooden box that someone had cruedly made and even though I didn’t look inside, I knew that was where ammunition/bullets were.

So somehow that goes into a hostage situation with me, Kem, and Lulu.  The evil guy (terrorist, I guess) kept switching faces/bodies, but we always knew who she/she was.  I had a gun pointed in my face several times (as did Lulu + Kem) and it was kinda scary actually.  The evil guy’s plan (he was Bob for a bit)(Note: I’m guessing the Bob I meant is the one that works at VFS in the Writing Program) was to kill a bunch of us (or maybe one) and then to shoot this building that he cruedly drew that had bullets of some kind.  He gave the gun to me a few times, to shoot at the building but I told him my aim was really crappy.

I remember him telling us he was going to kill one of the three of us.  He pointed the gun at Kem, and I didn’t want him to die.  So I wrapped my arms around him, trying to protect him.  He held onto me, close, which was really nice (It’s a hostage situation!  What do I say it’s “nice”?).  It felt right even though I could possibly die, I didn’t care because it was Kem.

Eventually, perspectives changed to that of the evil gun aiming the gun around the room.

There may have been something between Lulu (?) that I don’t remember.

Evil guy aimed the gun at the building labeled bullets (eh?), and I didn’t understand (yeah, I don’t either).  Lulu explained how it was something about hexagons and stuff even though I probably wouldn’t understand it in real life, I understood it in my dream.  She said how if evil guy shot at the building, ice/diamonds would fall out and fall on people below.  Just as I realized this, he fired.

I watched as pieces of ice fell… on top of me.  I was on a bed, and I grabbed a pillow to shield myself.  The ice hit the pillow and I was safe.  I looked around the room and saw that Lulu was fine but that Kem was gone.  I saw the shape of his body underneath the covers and when I pulled them back, he lay there, silent.  There was a trickle of blood running down the side of his head.

I thought he was dead.  He definitely looked dead.

I freaked out.  I started crying and screaming a little, thinking the bullet hit him before it hit the building.

I was so upset, more than I’ve ever been in both real life as well as my dreams.

He suddenly stirred and I realized he wasn’t dead, which overwhelmed me.  I was so incredibly happy, more than I’ve ever been in both real life as well as my dreams.

A bit later (probably some more stuff happened), I had the gun.  I don’t remember how I got it, but the evil guy was now Mahea (then, what would’ve been my 5 year old cousin) and I pointed the gun at her face, trying to make her feel how scary it was to have a gun in the face.  She was scared.  That made me happy.  The police or some other people took her away.

I waved Kem over, saying we had to get going to some place.  He stood a few feet away from me, bathed in a sort of white light.  He smiled at me, I think.  Or maybe he just stood there staring at me.


I don’t remember this dream at all, but now it’s got me thinking…


20 03 2010

The other day,
I saw a crack in the city,
between the needles on the street.
And the skyscrapers
injecting themselves
into the sky

The ocean blended with heaven —
a warm, blue universe,
inviting all those to stay.
And in this fracture,
all was peaceful and calm,
while a tempest
of shouting
and plagues
raged outside the blue.

The blue, confused me.
The line between water and sky was blurred
as if the sky was now on Earth
or all the oceans floated in the air
an elegant carpet into the galaxy
I stared in awe, transfixed by the beauty
And the confusion.

But when I blinked,
the city returned to its former state,
as if it had healed itself.
The crack in the city,
now smoothed over and filled in,
like the cracks on the road in front of me.