30 Day Song Challenge: Day 8: A song that you know all the words to

17 04 2011

Waaaay back when, I went through an S Club 7 phase that eventually turned into an S Club phase (after Paul left).  I remember feeling so proud of being an S Club 7/S Club fan in high school when I brought my new S Club CD to Grade 9 English class, and although nobody else sitting around me listened to them, I felt that much more special.

And then I realized I shouldn’t really feel special.  Because as it turned out, liking a band like S Club 7, who had cheesy, stupid songs about love, friendship, and general being happy was silly.  They were too poppy, too sugary for most people’s standards and I soon realized this.  Though I never grew to disliking or hating their music, after getting older, it just didn’t represent what I felt in the world anymore.  Not everything was sparkles; it wasn’t always an S Club party, and I had never met anyone who I thought was a dream come true.

Nevertheless, I realized yet again that it’s not that S Club 7 didn’t sing about earthquakes and tsunamis and the plight of the world that turned people off — it’s that kids growing up had so much less to worry about and that sometimes, you just want to reach for the stars and to bring it all back.  What’s so wrong with encouragement?

As one youtuber on the “Don’t Stop Movin'” music video succinctly said, “Ah.. when music wasn’t all about whores and sex.”