30 Day Song Challenge: Day 7: A song that reminds you of a certain event

16 04 2011

I’ve loved Chet Baker since the following two events:

1.  His music being mentioned in David Levithan’s Boy Meets Boy, which is one of my favourite books.

2.  Since my former high school choir teacher compared my singing to Mr. Baker (which I don’t agree with since he’s way more fantastic than I’ll ever be, but thanks Ms. Comfort!)

I then went out and bought a couple Chet Baker CDs, but was really more interested in hearing songs where he sings, since I absolutely adore his voice.  After listening to him singing to awesome classic jazz songs like this one, Gershwin’s “Not For Me”, I came up with the idea of slow dancing with a guy to Chet which would totally make him fall in love with me — or maybe I would fall in love with someone who did that for me.  In any case, I finally got to put my plan into works when I invited my current boyfriend to my house where we watched a movie.  I then took out my stereo, popped in Mr. Baker, and when “Not For Me” started playing, I took his hand and invited him for a slow dance which lasted… well, for a while.

Romantic?  I think so!  Thanks, Chet, for helping me seduce my boyfriend!

Almost Here (song)

1 06 2010

A song I wrote with the lyrics partly based on lyrics of a song in David Levithan’s novel Boy Meets Boy, which is one of my favourite books of all time. I really really really hope that with the success of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and his upcoming movie adaptation of Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List, maybe Boy Meets Boy will get made into a film as well.  If so, it would be so frickin’ awesome if this was included but obviously I’m not holding my breath.