Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

1 06 2016

I’ve had this book for a while and hadn’t had a chance to read it but it was surprisingly short so I decided to finally knock it off my list.

About the book: it was great. What can I say? Although I was also surprised at the lack of deaths. Modern day adaptations present Mr. Hyde as some sort of serial killer when in fact he murders only one person in the story. I suppose at the time it must’ve come off as more horrifying relative to our standards, but it was interesting to note how this character’s depictions have changed over the years.

And yes, that is a discarded library book I bought at my local library’s book sale, which I always find underrated. Also libraries in general. Or reading. Any sort of literacy, really. (I’m lowering the bar further and further…)

I also realized just now that I did the picture wrong. Oh well. No one looks at the book anyway.


Unwanted book

31 01 2016

Man: I got this book for Christmas and I don’t want to read. Do you guys want it?

[Man hands me the book]

Me: Uh… a donation? Sure?

Rich: We can use it when we run out of toilet paper. Or better yet, we can use it in place of toilet paper right now!

I’ve finished writing a book.

6 12 2015

It feels strange to say that. I’ve written a book. I’ve written a book. I’ve written a book. Weird. But really cool.

Mind you, it’s not published yet so I’m not sure I can call it a book yet. Meh.

I’ve written a book!

I can do it.

20 09 2015

I’ll finish my book and I will get it published. It is that simple. I can do it.

It will happen.

Rejection dream

25 07 2015

Had a dream the other night where I received a letter from a publishing house I had sent my book proposal to a couple months ago. The letter was terribly scrawled; it looked like some third-grader had written it. I tried my best to decipher what it said, and the gist of it was that they had passed, saying my proposal/book was “exaggerated.”

This past week I’ve been anxious about receiving anything from from the actual publishing company I sent my proposal to. I check the mailbox every day, dreading to see the self-addressed stamped envelope I included in my proposal, while also being paranoid that the longer it takes, the more the answer is no. I also wonder whether or not they even received my proposal and am further paranoid they never did. Basically a lot of anxiety and paranoia. Between games of Age of Empires.

Week-long date with my book

14 04 2015

I’ve been away from it for a while, and I recently realized that I need to spend some time getting to know it and what it wants to be. I thought I had it figured out, but then I realized that there were some things I didn’t know, some other stories it wants to tell. Also, I gotta get out of my house because my cat and reachable food is too distracting. So I’m going to take my computer and sit with my book in a cafe somewhere and figure it out.

Should be a hot date.

Cat Champions

9 02 2015

This is not the children’s book I spoke of reading next. As you know, I can’t resist a cat-covered book, and the photo cover of a little boy petting a cat that is obviously giving him a “Why are you touching me?” look was irresistible. Also, lots of cats inside too, like a wheelbarrow full of kittens that I couldn’t help but imagine should be all walking on top of me mewing while I laugh like a maniac.

And here’s me and my cat too! (Finally)


NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind (Book 1)

19 12 2013

I’ve been meaning to read this for a while, but it wasn’t until a co-worker raved about the awesomeness of the graphic novel versions of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind that I remembered it was on my reading list. The books are pretty short and easy, fast reads.

A definite read for any fans of the movie or fans of Miyazaki. The only thing I have to say right now is that there’s A LOT of dying, so be prepared for that (or not, whatever).

Also, excuse my face; I was doing (wearing?) a mask and I couldn’t move my face.

2013-12-16 20.06.11

American Savage

7 08 2013

I wish I had the real Dan Savage between my legs. Sigh.


Writing writing writing

22 07 2013

I’m glad to be taking a playwriting course this summer. I suddenly found myself inspired to work on my collection of memoir/personal essay pieces earlier today. It was strange, but nice. I know it’ll only be a temporary feeling though…