This week

8 02 2015

I will send out my book proposal. I’m nearly finished it now, and I realized I’ve been tacking on information that isn’t necessary to a former book proposal I wrote last year (I’ve been looking at guidelines for non-fiction proposals and I think they’re more for geared for real non-fiction, not creative non-fiction). I wrote it for a class on what to do after graduation, and my instructor, who teaches creative non-fiction, told me it was fine. Now I’m realizing that it basically was. Better late than never, I suppose.

But this week! For sure. I’ve been sitting on this for too long. And been playing too much Pokemon. Damn you, Pokemon!

I think I’m done?

30 01 2015

My book proposal. It’s hard to say. I’ve gotten a previous draft looked over by an instructor last year, and she said it was great. I guess I’m not sure if I should re-format it according to literary agency standards or not; my book proposal has all the same info as the one they’ve laid out, but just in a different order and sections. I wish there was someone I could ask about this…

Oh, and after I was done, I proceeded to play Pokemon for more than an hour. I didn’t deserve to do that, honestly.

Writing a book proposal is weird

13 03 2014

It’s really weird and difficult. I’m not used to the format, and I’m not used to the format.  I just don’t know what to really write for the “about the book” section that is supposed to be 3-6 pages, which seems outrageously long. How do others do it?