Back into it

10 06 2015

After attempting to try only writing on this blog if I wanted to, the (obvious) result was that I never really wanted to. I’ve also been writing almost nothing for the past while, I’m going to try and get into posting something every day. So yes.

No One Cares What You Had for Lunch

11 01 2015

Guess I won’t be blogging about my meals anytime soon.


Last minute

30 08 2014

I realized I usually wait until the last hour of the day to write on my blog and then I rush to say something just so I can get a post in before midnight and end up writing about nothing in particular or posting a video instead of something worthwhile and interesting. Note to self: try blogging during the day, if possible.

My exes should follow my blog

21 11 2013

Sometimes I wonder if my exes stalk me on my blog to see that I’m doing well and not a sobbing ball on floor. I wonder if I was honest about how I miss them not in their own ways — around full moons I get longings out of nowhere for one ex, while the other always seems to find himself somehow in my words and stories. What difference does it really make, though? Neither are going to anything.


i can’t seem to type anything in the body of the text but that’s the greatness of using a phone to blog.

14 10 2013

Blogging about work

6 06 2013

I’m surprised to see that I only wrote a total of 8 posts about working at Fifth Ave. I should’ve posted more, although to be honest, nothing exciting really happened to me. Other people got into shit for breaking things or run-ins with stupid customers. It almost makes me wish I worked at Fifth Ave again… and then I remember it’s run by Cineplex now and I snap out of it.

Maybe I should write about work as a writing tutor but again, nothing exciting happens. I’ll keep that in mind for next term.

Eco/Green Blog week

4 05 2013

Since I missed Earth Day and subsequently, Earth Week, and since I already post eco-tips/links to green happenings around Vancouver, I thought I might as well have a week of blogs around cool, fun green things all three of you reading my blog can get around to doing.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to eat some delicious fries now. 🙂


28 02 2013

Updates about my blog spam 100 people!  Hooray!

I have absolutely no idea

28 06 2012

what to post.  But when I’m away from the computer, I have ideas.  But when I come back to the computer, I’m just so lazy and intimidated to spend time typing up an actual post on an actual idea that I don’t actually do it and I eventually come up with posts like these.

Throwaway posts

19 04 2012

I think I’m going to add a new category to my blog: Throwaway posts.  These posts are ones I half-heartedly type up before going to bed, so that I’ll have a new post for the day, however lacking in quality or content. Though writing anything, I’ve heard, is a good way of getting your mind going, I can’t help but feel like I’m cheating somehow.

I will say, however, that I watched The Deep Blue Sea today and I cried many times throughout the film, which I rarely do, and even more rarely in theatres.  Just thinking about it again makes me sad…

Here’s the very vague trailer.