I don’t like mentioning my birthday

18 12 2015

It feels weird. It’s as if I’m forcing people to wish me a happy birthday by mentioning it because thenĀ  they feel obliged to tell me, and it’s not genuine.

This morning, I asked my co-workers, “So if it was my birthday today, where could I get free stuff?” which I was actually wondering. And of course, they asked me if it was indeed my birthday, and I said yes and the birthday wishes commenced. One of them said, “That’s the cutest way to announce your birthday.”

Not what I was going for, but I guess so.

Man, I feel old.

Mystery cheesecake

18 12 2013

Who did this??

I’m surprised and flattered, but a little sketched out by the hand-made sign and the Hudson’s Bay box. I love cheesecake, yes, but I like to know where they’re made or at the very least, who I should thank for a thoughtful gift.

So please, for the sake of my sanity and anxiety, tell me who you are so I don’t have to wonder if there’s poison in what looks like a delicious cheesecake and throw it out. Please and thank you?IMG_1931