1 04 2015

Last night, I dreamt of many dreams, but only one that frightened me. I was in this pool kind of area, and we were closing down for the night. The last thing we had to do was to shut off one of the valves for the water, but unfortunately, it was stupidly located underwater, so whoever had to turn it off had to dive down and manually turn it off. I had been scheduled to go down and turn it off, but she told me of the recent attacks by seals with spears in the dream, I imagined them as cute, animated seals holding cute, animated spears) who killed a staff member. Whoever had to go down also had to potentially face these seals.

Needless to say, I really didn’t want to go down there. I put my head in my hands and got really depressed when someone else volunteered (cheerfully) to go down. It was coworker of mine (who I’ve met once and whose name I can no longer remember but I feel like it might be Jen?) got up and made her way over to the red, sealed, metal door, behind which she was supposed to descend. The supervisor asked her if she was really ready to go, and Jen, a little too excited, said yes. As she readied herself, she turned her back to the door and faced the rest of us sitting on the floor. And with that, the door opened.

Everyone gasped. It wasn’t that the water on the other side was literally defying the laws of gravity by not allowing flowing out and washing over us. It wasn’t that the water rippled in front of us, like there was some sort of invisible wall there.

It was because Batman was behind the door in the water, glaring back at all of us.

Jen, still with her back to the open door, started climbing in the water. We yelled at her not to go, and when she turned around, she leapt away from the door and to safety. Someone closed the door, but didn’t lock it. Everyone parted from the door in fear; I was a fair way back.

The metal door banged loudly. I yelled for someone to lock the door, and someone clicked it securely. The door thudded again. This time, everyone got up and ran out of there. A bunch of us and I ran to one exit, crossing a sort of gangway, and it was only then that I noticed there were red metal doors, just like the door Batman had merely moments been trying to get through, all around us. We were screwed.

Just when we thought were were safe, two students dressed in lab coats came at us with blunt syringes filled with some sort of bright liquid. They explicitly announced that there was no exit, and that they were going to be experimenting on us for something, and proceeded to start stabbing everyone in the neck. Once injected, victims went limp, hobbling around mindlessly like a zombie. I was freaked out, yes, but also wondered why nobody was fighting them, just letting themselves get stabbed by these geeky-looking wannabe scientists.

“Christy,” I yelled to this girl nearby who I haven’t seen since the seventh grade, “get away from here!” I think she started running the other way.

And then I fought them. I stabbed one with her syringe and got her good, but the other one injected some liquid in me before I managed to subdue him. I felt my legs get tingly and wobbly, but I was still able to think clearly. I hobbled back the other way and saw Christy.

“Help, Christy,” I managed. But she ran from me. In that moment, I grumbled about how ungrateful she was after I basically saved her life. As I rounded the corner, a guy with glasses came up to me.

“Eddie,” I said, leaning on a table to keep from falling over, “help. My legs…” I knew he’d be able to help (even if in retrospect, I have no idea who he was), but then…

I woke up, drenched in sweat, as it usually happens when I have bad dreams.

My cat is my best friend

21 04 2014

I just wanted to say that.


Last day of classes

7 08 2011
Batman by icy_snow88
Batman, a photo by icy_snow88 on Flickr.

Tomorrow. Finally. And then it’s one more thing out of the way before I actually get to enjoy my summer instead of thinking of what to read and do for my classes.

Oh right. First exams. And then freedom! Huzzah.

Here’s a picture of my cat. Just because.