30 Day Song Challenge: Day 1

10 04 2011

My boyfriend recently started this thing on facebook called the 30 Day Song Challenge and he told me to take part in it as well and since I am easily persuaded, I decided to start doing the same.  What I’m doing a little differently is I’ll be writing a tiny bit about why I chose the song for the particular day since I know all of you want to be exposed to the awesome, wonderful music I love so much.

Day 1 is supposed to be my favourite song, which in itself might seem hard to pick but I had actually thought about it recently and it was a toss-up between Debussy’s “Claire de Lune” (which technically is not a song but rules are flexible!) or what I eventually went with, Vanessa Carlton’s “White Houses”.  It’s the song that made me become a “nessaholic” after I heard it and watched the (banned by MTV) music video, and it’s a bittersweet song for me about innocence, being young, and coming of age.  It’s a song I can listen to over and over again and never get tired of.