16 08 2011

Synopsis:  Troy, a handsome man with a nice body, moves back to California and reignites things with his handsome ex with a nice body, Jonathan, who already has a handsome boyfriend with a nice body, Raoul.  Stuff happens.

Super awesome things:  I thought long and hard about this, and the fact that I had to do so shows how much good stuff I have to say about the film.  About the only thing I can say about this film is that I commend Eldar Rapaport, the writer and director of the film, for his effort.  Clearly, he tried to make an insightful film about relationships, and even employs a non-linear narrative, which is an interesting choice.  There are few sex scenes which I’m sure people will like, but there are reasons why they don’t work.

Not so super awesome things:  Well… here goes.

If you’re looking for a plot, this is not your movie. I know people may lower their expectations for gay-themed films but at the very least, there is some sense of a story in those films.  Not in this one.

Troy, Raoul, and Jonathan sort of dance around (often shirtless) each other the entire film, none of them confronting each other about anything, which only frustrates viewers.  In trying to be deep about relationship issues, Rapaport’s script and film lacks any sense of subtlety or depth.  In one scene, Troy and Jonathan are in bed and as the camera cuts between the two of them while they speak, Troy is framed on the right third of the frame and Jonathan on the right, as if to show that they’re at odds with each other.  Which isn’t the case at all: sure Jonathan’s a cheating liar but we don’t feel much for him at all.  In fact, we don’t feel much for any of the main characters; all three leads are hollow, undeveloped people with no sense of character or personality.  They walk around the film, doing stupid, highly questionable things (at one point, Jonathan shaves his head like Troy even though he’s fully aware it will anger his boyfriend).  There’s no dramatic tension between the characters and the first chance Jonathan and Troy have alone together, *SPOILER ALERT!*…. they jump each other.

Since the characters actually have no character, I spent a lot of the time wondering, “Why is [insert name] with [insert name]???”  And then I realized, “Why the hell not?”  They’re all so bland and morally questionable that it should make sense these men are perpetuating the stereotype that gay men can’t have a monogamous relationship.  Clearly.  Even the sex scenes, as hot as they were supposed to be, come off as cold and dispassionate and a shallow fuck.  There doesn’t seem to be anything remotely attractive about Troy or Jonathan except for their physical stuff, but then again, this goes right back to how the characters lack any sort of substance.  Raoul seems like a good boyfriend, having good intentions for Jonathan and Troy to spend time with each other despite being exes and he even buys supplies for Jon’s birthday party, but the film is so centered around Troy and Jon that for most of the film, Raoul just walks around with puppy eyes and sad.

The film is also supported by a Middle Eastern soundtrack for some reason, which is extremely obtrusive and distracting since the story is set in sunny California and none of the characters are Middle Eastern (Raoul is Spanish, but that’s a long way away from the Middle East); the acting is sub-par; there is a lot of noticeable hand-held footage, which is annoying; but most aggravating of all is the ending, in which the film attempts to be thoughtful and make up for the last 2 hours by offering what appears to be any sort of theme, an open-ended ending for viewers to think about.  However, it only comes off as pretentious because we don’t give a crap about anyone in the film.  “You smoke again?” Troy asks Jonathan in bed.  “No, you make me smoke,” responds Jonathan.  Right.  Or I would say you’re weak, but I’m just a movie viewer.

Good for watching: as a real way of exacting revenge on an ex.  It’s that painful.

Overall:  I was disappointed to see Brian Sloan’s name attached.  He’s a much better writer than this, even if he only had story credit.  My advice to Rapaport: learn how to write a story and try again.  You have the crew and the talent, but not the material.

Grade: F

A month in review

1 09 2010

I made it a goal of mine at the beginning of August to post one new post every single day and I did it!  In fact, I’ve been posting something every day since July 29th, which is pretty cool.  Or at least I think it’s cool because I never used to post this frequently.  I’m going to do my best to post something every day but with school coming up that may not be possible.  I have a 3 hour break in between my classes so I could do it then.  Anyway.

I also realized I try to be funny in these posts but I’m not.  That saddens me.  I like to believe I’m somewhat witty but I usually do it when someone says something rather than typing up random funny stuff.  Also I’m tired and not sure why that’s the case since I go to bed at around 1am and I still don’t really feel tired.  Maybe it’s from reading almost the first hundred pages of The Amber Spyglass I borrowed today (it’s so good!).

My sent me a link to some of Kelly Clarkson’s leaked demos.  There are 30 songs in there and some of them are kinda, really bad.  Seriously, a song called “Cleopatra”?  I almost feel bad for not liking them… almost.  She’s still awesome in my eyes.  Just not some of her songs.

Okay, I’m gonna stop trying to fill a post and end it here.  The end.