La valse d’Amélie — Yann Tiersen

13 11 2011

Well, I tried to post a link to “La Noyée” by Yann Tiersen but apparently EMI doesn’t want Canadians to hear it for some reason.  So instead, here’s another Yann Tiersen piano piece, probably the most well-known one from Amélie.  Since I’m feeling kind of PMS-y right now, I’ll need some melancholic music to help with my random bursts of crying and emo moments.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 10: A song that makes you fall asleep

19 04 2011

As I mentioned in my facebook post, I don’t have any song that make me fall asleep.  If a song bores me, I just turn it off or switch to a good song.  It was either this one or “Comptine D’autre ete” by Yann Tiersen and I’m trying to post song songs instead, so I decided to go with some Kelly Clarkson.

After listening to it again though, it made me kinda tear up in a sad way.  But “Irvine” isn’t just a song that makes me sad.  I can imagine myself, were I ever sleepy enough to stay up and listen to music, falling asleep to this song…