The best way to procrastinate

22 11 2014

Episodes of MasterChef Junior (40 mins each) watched today: 3

Episodes of The Amazing Race (45 mins each) watched today: 1

Total time: way too much.

Was it worth it? Well…..

So sad :(

12 05 2014

About the Afghanimals on The Amazing Race. I don’t usually care about reality shows and competitions, but I was really disappointed when they got lost and eventually got eliminated. It really sucked. They were a lot of fun to watch, for sure, and I would’ve loved to see them in the finals, but man, why couldn’t you guys get it together and get a map or something?

Ah well. I will now be consumed by disappointment for the next 24 hours. Sigh.


2 12 2012

Fuck.  Yes.  Sign me up.

Dream 3

1 02 2011

I have a lot of dreams about being in the Amazing Race… all the way back from 2004 apparently.

Dream 3

July 11?, 2004

I’m in the Amazing Race.  All the teams are running around in this museum.  I can’t find my partner and when I do, he’s stupid.  I ask if we should use the Fast Forward and we do.  Phil the host narrates the Fast Forward: teams have to pass a weird object to the other partner 99 million times in a row.  You can get bonus points for doing “tricks” in the air.  My partner is now Maggie.  A lady is judging/counting the number of times we do the task.  We pass it back and forth but Maggie keeps dropping it.  I get the object and somehow have a piece of toast on which I put sugar on it in this kitchen.  Maggie drops it again, though I can’t see her.  We pass it a few times, but don’t get far.