23 06 2013

My high school agenda asked, “How do you rate your listening skills– awesome, so-so-, non-existent, or somewhere in between?”

My answer: “So awesome. And I’m not trying to be braggy, but I am a really good listener. I realized this when I saw that poster in Ms. Stafford’s class [a picture of a cat with the words “I hate when people talk while I’m interrupting”] and then it just clicked!

I remember that poster, and I remember how it really did just click when I saw it. After that, I always let people talk and refrain from interrupting until after they’re done talking. I think this puts most people off and they think I’m not talkative because sometimes I don’t say much. It’s easy to misread me, I think, but I’m really not that difficult to understand.

Fear of success

22 06 2013

Asks my high school agenda, “What does the term ‘fear of success’ mean to you?”

A: Nothing. I don’t really have a “fear of success.”  Yeah, I might get too rich.


13 06 2013

Q: “Feeling conflicted these days? Can’t wait to be on your own, but don’t want the responsibilities that go with it?”

A: For once, I would like the chance to be independent. I want to get away from people for just one day. Gah! That and I don’t want to be around my mom and sisters anymore.

Hmm. That’s more or less still true these days.

Goals back in high school

10 06 2013

While I was cleaning earlier today, I came across my old agenda from high school. Most of it was boring crap about assignments, but every so often, I answered the philosophical questions posed by the makers of the agenda, usually in some sort of angsty way.

One was about goals and being driven to do stuff. The question they ask is “Did you record a goal last month? Great, have you started moving on it yet? No? Then it’s time to create a game plan. Write in your baby steps here:”

Here’s what I wrote.

1. Get money.

2. Go to a store.

3. Buy a new life.

4. Apply liberally.

5. Enjoy the outstanding effects!

Oh, how witty my 17 year old self was.