Research essays are the death of me

26 03 2012

Well, not really.  Due to my natural Asianness and thus having high expectations about everything that I do, I now see that I’m just not that great with research essays.  I got my essay back for American Cinema class and yeah, I knew handing it in that it wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever written, but I got a B and I am disappointed.  Yes, I am not an essay writer but I have gotten many A’s for take-home essays in the past; however, those ones were focused on the text itself and not involving outside sources.  Maybe the research is what throws me off… or maybe I’m just not an essay writer.

Thank god I only have one more research essay for Canadian Lit. class left to do.  Then it’s final exams (2 more essays under a damn time limit) and hopefully I will never have to write another academic essay in my life.  One can only hope, anyway.