31 12 2012

I looked back at my first post of the year and saw that my goal was 280 posts.  Even with my vacation in the summer and being unable to blog for a while, I’ve posted 303 posts this year, which surprised me.  Suck on that.

I remember where I was last year New Year’s Eve, and eventually how things went, and it makes me a little sad.  I suppose that’s the way life goes.

I have some plans for delving into more creative non-fiction and if it all works out, it’ll be really awesome and cool but I won’t say just yet what’s going on.  All I can say is that I have a few ideas for things I’d like to write about.

Haven’t given much thought to the new year, to be honest.  I still want to leave Vancouver.  I still have love for those who don’t/won’t return it.  I still want to live in a cabin alone with my cat (and possibly other cats if they want to stay with me).

I’m actually a little scared of what this next year will bring me.

Another year over

1 01 2012

According the email wordpress sent me, I posted 259 new posts this past year, which far succeeded my goal of 182 posts that I had set.

My goal for 2012: 280 posts.

This year’s already started off kind of dramatically.  I’m not going to post what happened, but let’s just say that it was a first of many things, in both good and bad ways.

It’s the year of the dragon and things are supposed to be awesome for me since I’m a dragon.  Let’s see how 2012 goes.

Be good to me, 2012.