Library Jail

5 10 2014

Kids: I want this movie! No, this one!

Dad: We can’t take out too many because we might lose them and then we’d have to pay. That one there looks like it would be pricey to replace.

Random kid: You have to pay if you lose them.

Dad: See? They probably put you in jail if you lose them!

Fun Book of the Day

3 10 2014

Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures

(I should probably take pictures with my phone or something…)

Marxist Guy

25 09 2014

Some guy came in the other day and asked where the 335.4s were located — more specifically, a 40-volume set of Marxist books — saying that he was looking on a different floor and then came down here where the books weren’t there where they were supposed to be and it’s been so confusing since books are moving everywhere. A library assistant nearby politely and patiently explained that the library is in the middle of a moving project and books are being moved to different locations on the floor. He demanded to know where the 335.4s were again, and she proceeded to lead him to the area where they were now being shelved.

Now at the appropriate section, she asked him what the call number for these Marxist books was.”335.4,” he repeated. There was a beat, as both of us waited for him to continue with the call number.

“What’s the rest of the call number?” she asked.

I pointed to some call numbers on the spines of nearby books. “There should be some letters and numbers after it,” I pointed out.

He was undeterred. “335.4! It’s a 40-volume set! It should be easy to see.”

“Okay, well, if you don’t know the rest of the call number, they’re somewhere in this aisle. So if you want to take a look, you can.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll just look.” And off he went in search of his Marxist books. The library assistant and I left the scene.

I found out later that this old guy found the books, but noticed that they were split between shelves. He called it disorganized and said they should all be together, and proceeded to rearrange the volumes so that they were all on the same shelf. He left.

When he was gone, a shelver put the books back to the way they were before.


Cat craft books

4 09 2014

Came across a few cat craft books today while moving the art books. Things to make that are cat-shaped, things to make for your cat, things to make for your cat made from their hair — I’ve been missing out on a lot of cat crafting, it seems. Sign me up for that fun.

Not bad

12 08 2014

Two days of actually decent work logging this week so far. Huh. Just when I’ve sort of gotten sick and tired of logging it becomes bearable. Hmm.

Too much time to think

6 08 2014

Working as a logger gives me too much time to think. And when I have time to think, it’s always sad thoughts.

Blogging about work

6 06 2013

I’m surprised to see that I only wrote a total of 8 posts about working at Fifth Ave. I should’ve posted more, although to be honest, nothing exciting really happened to me. Other people got into shit for breaking things or run-ins with stupid customers. It almost makes me wish I worked at Fifth Ave again… and then I remember it’s run by Cineplex now and I snap out of it.

Maybe I should write about work as a writing tutor but again, nothing exciting happens. I’ll keep that in mind for next term.

Farewell to intelligence

12 09 2012

Woman: “One for ‘Farewell to Rome.'”

Aaron rolls his eyes.

Aaron: “Do you mean Farewell, My Queen or To Rome with Love?

Woman:  “Oh!  I got mixed up ’cause someone over there was talking about it.”

Aaron:  “Uh huh.”

Woman:  “So that’s for Farewell, My Queen.” [pause] “No no no!  I meant To Rome with Love!”

Aaron:  “Is that your final answer?”

Fun must be mutual

28 07 2012

“It’s not fun if it’s not mutual.”  — Mae Lee, at Fifth Avenue Cinemas.

Labyrinth of Fifth Avenue Cinemas

10 07 2012


Aaron and Daniela sit inside box office.  Aaron sells a customer a ticket, and there are three other customers lined up behind her.  Daniela, on the other hand, isn’t helping anyone at the moment.  A stanchion divides the line between the two employees outside where customers can form an organized line.

Daniela notices the people standing behind Aaron’s customer.  She waves her hand, trying to get their attention.

Daniela: I can help the next person!

A WOMAN, the next in line, leans over to face Daniela.

Woman:  I don’t know how to get to you!

Aaron tries his best to contain his laughter, while Daniela looks puzzled.

Daniela: What did she say?

Aaron: [through laughing]  She… she said… ‘I don’t know how… to get to you…’ as if it’s some sort of maze… all she has to do is turn around and walk through the obvious gap, over to you…

Daniela:  When she gets to you, you should tell her, ‘You made it!  Hooray!’

Aaron will have bouts of uncontrollable laughter the rest of his shift.