Old man

9 08 2015

Where did this sudden back pain come from? One minute I’m hanging out with friends at home, the next my right side is spasming in pain. I guess that’s what happens when you’re an old man.

Adventure Tuesday

28 07 2015

In the name of the Vancouver Public Library’s Summer of Learning program, here’s me trying new donuts at Cartem’s Donuterie, going to Spyglass Dock, a place I’ve never been before in Vancouver, and then playing some piano in public (though I don’t have a pic of me playing since my hands were busy… you’ll just have to take my word for it. Or watch me play next time):

Wreck beach

23 07 2015

What were you doing there? Should I have walked after you?

Everything’s been thrown up in the air and I don’t know how it’ll look when it lands. What do I do now?

Racists feel hurt too

8 05 2015

Called out a guy who said he “wasn’t into Asian guys” as a racist. He told me it was “hurtful” and that I was “extreme.” I thought that was funny that he was playing the victim, but did my best to calmly explain to him that sexual attraction is not “simply chemicals in the brain”, but that sexuality is complex and has influences, including porn, hypermasculinity, and femmephobia. I don’t think he really cared though. Oh well.

Futile teaching

2 05 2015

Tried to teach my mom to pronounce some basic Spanish words and phrases by starting with the vowels and how to actually pronounce letters so that she’d be able to pronounce any and every word. And of course it failed because she has difficulty even saying words and letters in English. So inevitably she ended up writing her own pin yin on top of the Spanish, some of which was so cringeworthy and shameful to the language I had studied for years. Whatever works, I guess.

That awkward moment

16 04 2015

when someone you know replies to your Craigslist sex ad.

I feel like a housewife

13 04 2015

Made dinner, washed the dishes, made an apple crisp, washed the dishes again, scooped the litterbox, took out the recycling and organics, spent some time reading on the couch with my cat — all while home alone.

Guster live

29 03 2015

Finally got the chance to watch them live tonight.

So. Good.

Though it was annoying when a random drunk kid asked if he could be onstage to drink their whisky. Which he did, much to the band’s confusion and perplexity. And despite the kid buying a replacement drink for the one he gulped down in the back as Guster played a song, I still thought it was rude.

But Guster was awesome! Made me love all their music all over again.

Uninteresting sex

7 03 2015

Went to a bathhouse yesterday and found myself disinterested in everything around me, which I thought was interesting. I wonder if it was because I wasn’t in the right mindset (read: horny) to enjoy getting groped by strangers in the dark and listening to guys blow each other in the steam room. Maybe I’m just over this gay hookup sex thing. (In which case, hooray!)


7 02 2015

The chance of me getting a guy’s phone number: 0.0001%

The chance of me getting a guy’s phone number in a sauna: -15.3%

And yet, I did tonight. And I didn’t even have to resort to violence or threats!