A Way Back into Love

23 03 2015

Watched Music and Lyrics last night and haven’t gotten this song out of my head. And now it’s in all three of yours!

There’s Too Much Love

18 01 2015

Like that repulsive foreign straight couple mashing their faces together and slobbering on each other on the bus today. Some people just have no shame.


14 01 2015

Always I remember you

The universe is conspiring to keep me from Rufus Wainwright

7 12 2014

Two years ago, I missed Rufus Wainwright’s show on October 5th. A few days later, I remembered the show being sometime in October. Hopefully, it won’t have already passed. I mean, the probability is on my side. But alas, I was wrong, and having neglected to write it in my agenda earlier, I missed it. As a longtime fan — I grew up on his music — I was so crushed at having missed my chance to see him.

Earlier this year, I found out that Mr. Wainwright was to be coming to Vancouver again, and promptly bought my ticket well in advance. I tacked it to my bulletin board. I made a note of it on my agenda. I was totally set to go.

Fast forward to tonight. It’s 7:30pm and I’m reading up on some articles on Snowpiercer (I watched it earlier today) and opened up my agenda to make a note of something for later this week. I flipped over the page from last week to this week to see, in my huge scrawl, RUFUS WAINWRIGHT 8PM VOGUE.

I stared at the date. I whipped my head to my computer to look at the time. Then back to my agenda.


I ran to the bus stop. I ran off the bus to the skytrain station. I ran off the skytrain station to the venue (needless to say, my legs were giving out on me, especially having done a one-hour bootcamp class yesterday). And got there at 8:20. I missed his first song (and presumably, his intro).

But man, it was an awesome show.

Why must the universe almost make me miss my favourite gay musician? Again?!

Cold War

5 12 2014

This makes me cry.

Rainy Saturday mood music

25 10 2014

Watching and listening to Jeremy Fisher while it pours outside. There are some clips of him playing live on youtube but none that show his true awesomeness enough. If he’s playing at your city, go!



Rainy day and Amy Winehouse

15 10 2014

Good day for some sad music from Amy.

I’m Not the Only One

1 08 2014

More music from the amazing Sam Smith. (Too bad the video is so straight)

Leave Your Lover

7 07 2014

Really digging this song right now, even more so because I know Sam Smith’s album is about unrequited love he had for a guy. I know music is supposed to be universal and an unrequited love song should be relateable regardless of sexual orientation, but I can’t help but feel this song a lot more than one sung by some straight person. It just feels more poignant, more heartbreaking. And I do like heartbreak.

Young Heart

2 07 2014

Love this new song from Vanessa Carlton. I taught myself to play it yesterday on the piano. #thanksperfectpitch