Pacific Mobile Depot

5 05 2013

Have recyclable stuff you can’t throw away in your regular blue bins? Dreaded styrofoam, perhaps? Pacific Mobile Depots operates within Victoria and Metro Vancouver, collecting things like soft plastic, batteries, scrap metal, tires, and even small appliances. There’s a small charge on most items, but for some things, like styrofoam, it’s difficult to find any other place that can dispose of it. I haven’t recycled my stuff with Pacific Mobile Depots, but I know people who have, and it seems like a pretty good idea.

Take a look at their schedule and see when they’re coming to your neighborhood, and get packing!

Slow Death by Rubber Duck — Rick Smith & Bruce Lourie

1 05 2013

While I’m sort of on a roll, posting about green/eco/environmental things, I finished reading Slow Death by Rubber Duck yesterday. And man, is it an informative book.

The book takes a look at the many toxic substances people expose themselves to through everyday things such as personal care products, food, and even something as simple as sitting on your fire retardant-covered couch. At the same time, the two authors, Smith and Lourie, douse themselves (willingly, I might add) with these everyday things to measure their levels of these chemicals before and after exposure. The results are astounding, to say the least.

While reading, I got a large sense of paranoia about everything I touch, everything come into contact with. There’s an extremely summary and helpful hints at what to do as a next step that I will need to re-read and take note of. There are a whole bunch of organizations and groups involved in either the banning/regulation of these toxic chemicals or that provide people with ways to live healthier and cleaner (there are too many to list but I may go into them in detail individually). Anyway, enjoy my fat body as seen through my crappy webcam.


Norman the cat, Eco-warrior

25 01 2013

I was surprised at how well-made this video is.  It’s funny, clever, and has a great message.

If only we could all be like Norman.


Recycling mattresses and furniture in Vancouver

15 10 2012

A friend of mine told me about how he recycled three old couches today on Annacis Island.  So I did some research and there’s a little company called the Canadian Mattress Recycling that is dedicated to safely getting rid of old furniture or mattresses and other things, such as metal.  There is a small fee, but really, it’s better than couches sitting in a landfill.

Check it out!